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Want to find out more about bears? Please click on Amazon links where shown, and Wolves and Humans will receive a percentage of the price, so you can learn and help conservation at the same time.


Living with Bears - A Large European Carnivore in a Shrinking World
Boris Krystufek, Bozidar Flajsman and Huw I Griffiths

A detailed look at the brown bear in Europe and its relationship with human populations. Includes photos and maps

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Action Plan for the Conservation of Brown Bears in europe cover

Action Plan for the Conservation of the Brown Bear in Europe
John E. Swenson, Norbert Gerstl, Bjørn Dahl, Andreas Zedrosser

The Council of Europe’s recommendations for conservation and management of the brown bear. Includes background information on bears in various countries, the problems they face, and bear-human conflicts

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Bear Attacks cover

Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance
Stephen Herrero

Essential reading for those who spend time in bear country. Mainly focussing on the grizzly bear and black bear, with case studies of attacks and advice on how to avoid bear confrontations. Also contains good natural history and behaviour background for these species. Lessons can be learned from this book about the grizzly’s European cousin, the brown bear, and it should foster a healthy respect for and interest in this large carnivore.

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The Integrated Solution to the Problem of Nuisance Bears
R Rigg and K Balekova

The proceedings of an international conference held in Slovakia, sponsored by The Slovak Wildlife Society and attended by leading bear experts from central Europe, explores solutions to the problem of bears attracted to human food sources and the conflicts that arise when bears become habituated to humans. In Slovak and English.

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