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Want to find out more about lynx? Please click on Amazon links where shown, and Wolves and Humans will receive a percentage of the price, so you can learn and help conservation at the same time.


Action Plan for the Conservation of Lynx in Europe cover

Sky Dance: Fighting for the wild in the Scottish Highlands
John D Burns

A fun and thought-provoking novel with rewilding and lynx at its heart, by one of Scotland's top outdoor writers. Highly recommended.

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Action Plan for the Conservation of Lynx in Europe cover

Action Plan for The Conservation of The Eurasian Lynx in Europe
Urs Breitenmoser, Christine Breitenmoser-Würsten, Henryk Okarma, Thomas Kaphegyi-Wallman, Ulrich M. Müller

A Council of Europe report on conservation and management of this elusive predator. Includes useful information on the distribution and ecology of the lynx in Europe.

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