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About Wolves and Humans

Wolves and Humans is a charity working with people and local communities to find practical solutions to co-existence with wolves and other large carnivores, thereby helping long-term conservation of these species.

Working in partnership with local biologists and conservationists in their home countries, Wolves and Humans provides resources, education and training with the aim of restoring traditional methods of protecting livestock and preventing attacks by predators.

About wolves and humans

Wolves and Humans also carries out monitoring of large carnivores to establish accurate population sizes, as official figures are often overestimated, and carries out research to assess their impact on wild prey species and domestic livestock, and how the large carnivores live in areas affected by human activity, helping to dispel misconceptions and provide a sound basis for future conservation and management decisions.

We also work with educators to provide educational materials and give lectures and workshops for adults and children about predators, the natural environment in which they live, and the benefits to people of the continued existence of healthy ecosystems.

Wolves and Humans relies on YOUR support and generosity to make a difference for large carnivores and the human communities living alongside them. You can contribute to this work by making a donation.

Why are we called Wolves and Humans and how long has the charity existed? Click here for a short article on the history of Wolves and Humans.

Our aims

Through practical conservation measures, research and education, Wolves and Humans is working to secure the long-term conservation of wolves, bears and lynx and the natural environment in which they live, for the benefit of the general public and future generations, as promoted by the 1992 European Community Habitats Directive and the Bern Convention.

The stated aims of the Wolves and Humans Foundation are:

a) To advance for the benefit of the public, research, education and training in methods of managing conflict between wolves (and other large carnivores) and agriculture and other human interests.

b) To provide and advance education about wolves (and other large carnivores) to the general public, and to promote, support and advance the scientific study of wolves and other large carnivores.