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Association for Nature “WOLF”

Slovak Wildlife Society

BEARS Project

Lupus Laetus (wolves in Russia)

Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe

Carnivore Damage Prevention News

LCIE Manifesto for Large Carnivore Conservation in Europe 2013

Rewilding Europe

United Kingdom

Trees for Life

Rewilding Britain

The Mammal Society

British Wild Boar

International Otter Survival Fund

Born Free Foundation

British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC)

UK Wolf Conservation Trust

Lynx UK Trust

Rewilding Scotland

North America

International Wolf Center

Wolf Park

Defenders of Wildlife

Alaska Wolves

Alaska Wildlife Alliance

Clan des Loups d'Amerique de Nord (French)

Wolf Haven

Timber Wolf Information Network

Wolves and Humans Partners and Supporters

Northshots - images from northern nature

Bruno D'Amicis Wildlife Photography

Hotline Electric Fencing

Bluehouse Art

Wolf Photography - A site offering limited edition photo art and a diverse stock image library