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Charity Giving

Wolves and Humans is the only organisation in the UK working exclusively for conservation of wolves and other large carnivores to be registered as a charity by the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

•   Being a registered charity gives you the assurance that we are being monitored and advised by the     Charity Commission to ensure that your money is being used ONLY for charitable purposes and to     further the aims of the Foundation;

•   As a charity, we do not normally have to pay income tax, corporation tax or capital gains tax, and gifts to     charities are free of inheritance tax; which means that more of YOUR money goes directly to our projects.     We can also claim back tax you have already paid on your donations, to make your contribution go even     further.

If you are a UK taxpayer, the following ways of giving can make your donation more effective:

If you make a donation using Gift Aid, Wolves and Humans can claim back basic rate income tax on your donation. At current rates, this means if you donate £10, we can claim £2.50 from HM Revenue and Customs, so your donation becomes £12.50.

Gift Aid applies to any donations, large or small, one off or regular. All you need to do in order for us to claim back the tax is fill in a Gift Aid declaration. A downloadable declaration is available on this site, and if you donate online you will be able to make your Gift Aid declaration online. Once you have made a Gift Aid declaration to Wolves and Humans, you do not have to fill it in each time you donate, we will keep it on record and you can continue making tax-efficient contributions for as long as you want.

If you pay tax at the higher rate, although we can only claim back the basic rate tax, you can, if you wish, claim back the difference between the lower rate and the higher rate on your donation in your Self Assessment tax return.

Download a Gift Aid Declaration here

Payroll Giving

If your employer operates a Payroll Giving scheme and deducts tax from your pay under the Pay as You Earn scheme (PAYE), you can make donations to Wolves and Humans direct from your pay packet or pension. Your donation will be deducted from your pay and given to an HM Customs and Revenue approved agency, which will then pass it to us.

As your donation is deducted from your gross pay before the tax is worked out, this means you obtain relief at the your highest rate of tax. National Insurance contributions are not affected.

Ask your employer for details of Payroll Giving.


Please consider leaving Wolves and Humans a legacy. Gifts and bequests to charities are exempt from inheritance tax and can be a useful way to manage tax liability on your estate.

Corporate Donations

Businesses can obtain relief from corporation tax when they give money to Wolves and Humans under the Gift Aid scheme.

For further information on how to claim this relief, contact the Inland Revenue Charity Helpline on 0845 3020203.

If you would like to discuss making a corporate donation of money, goods or services, please contact us at admin@wolvesandhumans.org